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Since the last decade, electronic devices like cell phones have become an extension of a person’s lifestyle. Our cell phones and iPads have become constant companions! The expansion of Globalization has bridged the gap with the necessity for networking and telecommunication. The innovative demand for the use of electronic devices has revolutionized our society’s interaction. Everyone talks, texts, and posts on social media personally and for work purposes.

The office and place of business use cell phones, tablets, and computers for networking. Nowhere else is this more evident than the revolutionary advancement of Healthcare. The innovative uses of medical applications such as reference data and a patient’s various records in a clinical setting are the fastest growing ever in this space. However, “Progress is not without its problems and challenges!!” Being insiders, we recognize the urgency of the Need! Our mission is to find, develop and sell products that provide safety protection for electronic handheld devices from potentially harmful microorganisms. In our efforts to find manufacturing, we found Steritouch and decided to launch from there!


Our product was a concept that was developed by Medical colleagues with 1st hand knowledge of (HAI) hospital acquired infections! Each having a special interest in the areas of Labor & Delivery, Nurseries, NICU, Pediatrics and Peds ER. Deeply concerned with the issues of compliance and the continual uphill battle of Infection Control Programs of hand hygiene enforcement efforts; we began to research the matter of germs and hand-held devices.  As discussed in the research section, we found it to be a Global problem in Health care, that is directly related to the advancing technology of telecommunication in the clinical space. An evidence-based think tank emerged to address the issues; the solution - Biosaf Concepts was conceived.

"Necessity is the mother of Invention"


During this Research Program, our team interviewed diverse archetypes in many relevant sectors to learn the individual challenges and needs of various businesses and consumers. While "application" varied, the overall need was synonymous with Effective Safety!

SteriTouch technology of sanitizing Disposable sleeve foot the bill hands down with very high marks in Value Proposition!